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Getting rid of entrenched but erroneous perceptions: cancer burden in the next decade.

The perception that cancer is a disease only of HICs is deeply entrenched in our society, but it has been proven erroneous, and needs getting rid of. Such a perception leads to an underestimation of the costs associated with premature death and disability in LMICs: according to current estimates, only around 5 % of global resources for cancer are spent in LMIC countries, while these countries get around 80 % of the disability-adjusted life years lost worldwide to cancer. This is the so-called 5/80 cancer disequilibrium and is no longer acceptable. Continue reading

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University of London Sciences and The Arts Interdisciplinary Discussion Group

On Wednesday 2nd February, 2011, people gathered in the CHH seminar room for the first meeting of The University of London Interdisciplinary Sciences and the Arts Discussion Group. The room was bursting to the seams with postgraduate researchers from across … Continue reading

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Clinical trials for young oncological patients: a call for action at the European level.

In Europe, 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year
Olivia, 15, survivor of Wilms tumor, reported her experience as a participant in a clinical trial at the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, which was held at the European Parliament of February 9, hosted by MEP Mr Alojz Peterle in collaboration with the European Society for Paediatric Oncology. Olivia’s prognosis was very severe, and she owes her life to the participation in a clinical trial.
As paediatric tumors are by definition a rare disease, clinical trials in children require multinational collaboration, which needs to be coordinated at the European level. This is why childhood cancer needs the spotlight and political support, of which the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day was only a first step. Continue reading

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