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Joint Durham-CHH symposium tomorrow at King’s College London: discussing and shaping the future of Medical Humanities!

Tomorrow, June 21 2011, the Durham Centre for Medical Humanities and the Centre for the Humanities & Health are meeting up at King’s College, London, to exchange ideas and foster collaboration on the role of Medical Humanities today. Professor Brian … Continue reading

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Born to run? Genetic tests claim to measure athletic prowess.

The implications of such a debate on fairness and the construction of categories in sports have not escaped the organizers of the event, who write that “If we do find performance-related genes, how might this affect our attitude to sporting ability, fairness, equity and justice? To take an extreme scenario, would it be fair to segregate some sporting events based on ‘race’ if it turns out that certain ‘races’ have a genetic advantage?” The all concept of race is extremely complex, as genetically speaking, there is no such thing as a “race” within the Homo Sapiens species.
Some companies in the US are already making a profit from selling genetic tests which supposedly measure the athletic potentials of kids, for example a company called ‘American International Biotechnology Services‘ and another aptly called Atlas Sports Genetics and claiming to be able to “map” the genetic underpinnings of athletic prowess. Continue reading

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Workshop on Personhood and Identity in Medicine: Report

On the 18 March, the Centre for the Humanities and Health (CHH) at King’s College London hosted a one-day workshop entitled “Personhood and Identity in Medicine”. This Wellcome Trust funded workshop was the second in a series aimed at facilitating … Continue reading

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