Joint Durham-CHH symposium tomorrow at King’s College London: discussing and shaping the future of Medical Humanities!

Tomorrow, June 21 2011, the Durham Centre for Medical Humanities and the Centre for the Humanities & Health are meeting up at King’s College, London, to exchange ideas and foster collaboration on the role of Medical Humanities today. Professor Brian Hurwitz, Director of the host-institution, the Centre for the Humanities and Health, will inaugurate the symposium, followed by Professor Martyn Evans, Director of the guest Centre for Medical Humanities at Durham University.

From Durham To London along the Medical Humanities path...
The first presentation will be given by Professor Jane MacNaughton, Professor of Medical Humanities and co-Director of Centre for the Medical Humanities, Durham University, and will focus on the recently approved and widely contested smoking ban. Dr Jamie Whitehead, Wellcome Research Fellow at the Centre for the Humanities and Health, will follow with a talk titled ‘Autobiography and Mental Illness: the Forms of Experience’. After a short break for the benefit of coffee and refreshments Dr Maura Spiegel, Associate Professor, of English, Columbia University, New York and currently visiting the CHH, will discuss ‘Exercises in Ambiguity: Literature and Clinical Practice’.
In the afternoon two other presentations from postdocs respectively at CHH and Durham will alternate. Dr Keren Hammerschlag, Wellcome Research Fellow, King’s College London, will discuss her PhD research topic focusing on ‘Examining Surgeons in Group Portraits from the 1880s and 1890s’, while Dr Mike White, will talk about ‘Arts development in community health ­ a social tonic’.
British railways...

The last two presentations will be given by Dr Angela Woods, Lecturer in Medical Humanities, Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University ( ‘On the radical potential of the medical humanities’) and by
and by Ms Elisabetta Babini, PhD Student, Centre for the Humanities and Health, King’s College London, working on the Film Studies Strand and in particular on a cross-cultural approach to ‘Nurses’ representations in 1950s melodrama. A discussion on future research and collaboration developments and on future network strategies in the Medical Humanities will close up the day, which promises to be a very fruitful one. Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow, Durham crew! Sorry for the early wake up call to catch a very early train… We will be waiting for you with coffees and refreshments. Have a safe trip!


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