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“Ask Dory”- a much needed help to find personalized clinical trials online.

More and more patients are turning to the internet to look for a second medical opinion, or for an experimental drug being tested in clinical studies that could help them when they failed standard drug treatment. In the past it was usually their specialist who would recommend them participation in a clinical trial, or refer them to a research hospital nearby. With the advent of web 2.0 tools it is becoming more and more common for the single patients or their families to surf the internet for finding active, enrolling clinical trials that may suit them. Such websites contain huge amount of information which is often difficult to access and understand for the average patient who will be overwhelmed by the maze of information written in a scientific and medical jargon. Dory will help the patient to get out that kind of impasse. Dory is an online interactive tool that asks the patient personalized questions and help him find the right clinical trial near them. Continue reading

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A Workshop on ‘Enhancement, identity and the construction of category in the Olympics’. Coming up in November at King’s.

Not only does the debate spurred by Oscar Pistorius’ case stimulate discussion about what informs the construction of categories in sports, but it also demands a broader refection upon the meaning and aims of sport, in other words, its ethics and philosophy. The Centre for the Humanities & Health, together with the King’s Interdisciplinary Discussion Society (KIDS), are bringing together a panel of scientific and medical experts, ethicists and philosophers to discuss these issues in an open to the public workshop which will take place at King’s College on Thursday, November 10, 2011. The program of the event, complete with timetable and list of speakers will be published soon on this blog. Stay tuned! Continue reading

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