Coming up at the Centre on Dec 9th: Workshop exploring Living, Dying and the nature of Death

The Centre for the Humanities & Health is glad to announce the workshop on ‘Death’ coming up next week. The workshop is organised by Prof. MM McCabe, Dr. Elselijn Kingma and PhD student Stefan Wagner, researching in the Concepts of Health Strand.
After registration and coffee at 930 am the workshop will kick off with talks by James
 and Andrew Morley that will talk on the subject of ‘Death is nothing to us’. Warren and Morley will tackle he arguments from Epicurus: why should we care about death, when we are not experiencing it now, and we shall not experience it after it has happened?
Geoffrey Scarre and Iona Heath will follow and discuss living, dying and the nature of death: what is it to be alive, what is it to be taken to be dying, what counts as death and good death?
After the lunch break, David Galloway and Rob George, Professor of Palliative Care, Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College London, School of Medicine, will discuss mortality and  immortality. To conclude, after the tea break, David Papineau and Roger Browsword will provide insights into the controversial matter of the rights and interests of the dead.
The event will conclude at 530 pm with a wine reception.
The workshop will take place in the Council Room, King’s College Strand Campus. Due to limited space attendance is limited, if you’re interested however please write an email to kcl.workshopATgooglemail.



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