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Medical Humanities Research Network Scotland (MHRNS) Symposium 2012

The first symposium of the MHRNS will be held in the School of Critical Studies, University of Glasgow, on Saturday 28 April 2012. The RSE/Scottish Government-funded MHRNS aims to enable greater and more sustained collaborative research within Scotland in the … Continue reading

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Medical portraiture workshops

The first workshop of the CHH’s Medical Portraiture strand took place at the end of the Summer term last year. The strand’s three members were joined by fellow academics interested in how portraits can speak to histories of medicine. The day commenced with Prof. Ludmilla Jordanova’s comments on the genesis of the strand and on some of the conceptual issues connected with defining the genre of portraiture and clarifying what is meant by “medical”. Douglas James then introduced portraits of three patients (Alexander Pope, John Keats and George III) and explored how different technical and design features of their portraits could express their medical relationships, especially those with their carers and portraits’ commissioners. Continue reading

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