‘Portraits of Patients’ Workshop

The research strand ‘Case Studies of Medical Portraiture’ in the Centre for the Humanities and Health at King’s College London will be holding its second workshop on Wednesday 23 May 2012 at the Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, 183 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE. The workshop will engage with ways of understanding portraiture practices as they relate to the depiction of patients by others and themselves. Portraits of patients will be found in a variety of places and media, leading to an interrogation of the category of the patient and the nature and role of portraiture in its construction. A main priority of the workshop will be to encourage discussion of relevant objects in the Wellcome Iconographic Collections.
There will be no charge but spaces are limited. Book by emailing: keren.hammerschlagATkcl.ac.uk
Full program:

Session One: Examining Portraits (Chair: Susan Sidlauskas)
10-10:30 Ludmilla Jordanova (King’s College London): Portraits and ‘Patients’
10:30-11 Douglas James (King’s College London): Drawings of John Hunter’s Patients
11-11:30: Keren Hammerschlag (King’s College London): From Patient Portrait to Picture of Health: George W. Lambert’s ‘Chesham Street’ and Other Self-Portraits
11:30-12: Discussion
12-1: Wellcome Collection
1-2: Lunch

Session Two: Diagnosing Portraits (Chair: Keren Hammerschlag)
2-2:30: Mechthild Fend (University College London): Portraits of Patients or Portraits of Diseases? Nineteenth-Century Dermatological Illustrations
2:30-3: Natasha Ruiz-Gomez (University of Essex): Sculptural Diagnostics: Paul Richer’s Pathological Portraits for the Musée Charcot
3-3:30: Discussion
3:30-4: Afternoon Tea

Session Three: Comparing Portraits (Chair: Ludmilla Jordanova)
4-4:30: Susan Sidlauskas (Rutgers University): Inventing the Medical Portrait: The First of Holloway Sanitorium’s Casebooks
4:30-5 Tania Woloshyn (McGill University): Patients Reborn: The Heliography and Heliotherapy of Dr Auguste Rollier, c.1903-1944
5-5:30 Ulrike Smalley (Imperial War Museum): Medical Portraits in the Imperial War Museum
5:30-6 Discussion


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