Arts and Humanities Festival – Metamorphoses Transformations & Conversions

This week and next it’s the annual arts and humanities festival at King’s, showcasing arts and humanities research and featuring special events and exhibitions. The programme is here and a concurrent blog is running here.

A few events might be of particular interest to medical humanists. Tonight (Weds 17th) there is ‘Seeing Voices: exploring psychotic experience through art and science’, presented by the IoP at King’s College London and Bethlem Gallery (details here):

There is an intrinsic challenge in transforming the private experience of psychosis; classically hearing voices and seeing things into a form accessible to others. In this presentation we explore the depiction of this internal psychotic process through art and science. We present these works of ‘induced’ psychotic states alongside images by Bethlem Gallery artists and artworks from the Bethlem Museum’s historical collection whose work primarily maps their experience with psychosis in order to examine the artistic representation of the experience of psychosis. These questions have been addressed in science through data from functional brain imaging while patients are experiencing auditory hallucinations, as well as during imagery and action.

Next week (24th) the CHH presents ‘Memento Macabre’, two experimental films shot and created entirely around the pathological collection of the world renowned Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, with a discussion of the process, the ethical approach and difficulties that visual artists have when working with human remains and medical institutions (details here, and further information may follow on this blog).

Last but not least, tomorrow sees the inaugural event in a major series of events on the Brain and the Mind, organised by CHH members. More to come on these talks too.


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