Conference Report: From the Classroom to the Clinic

A conference report from the recent Cumberland Colloquium on bioethics in medical education and humanities is now available here.

The aim of the “From the Classroom to the Clinic” was to explore the contribution of the humanities and social sciences to the teaching of bioethics to medical students, clinicians, biomedical researchers and the public. It brought together delegates and speakers from a range of professional and disciplinary backgrounds including philosophy, sociology, law, fine arts, linguistics, bioethics, and the clinical professions (including medical ethics educators and medical students). The event commenced with an opening plenary involving three key speakers, each representing different approaches to bioethics: Professor Raanan Gillon from traditional bioethics; Professor Clare Williams from Sociology; and Professor Deborah Bowman who provided a humanities perspective. The plenary was followed by sessions of oral and poster presentations, and the day ended with a public lecture: “Healthcare: doing what’s right” by Sir Ian Kennedy.


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