Anti-psychiatry protests

Thomsas Szasz may have died in September, but his legacy was very visible along the Strand from KCL today.

Protesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice, today.
Anti-psychiatry protesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice today.

I am not sure whether there is a specific case sub judice which prompted this protest, but the protesters were handing out leaflets to passers-by directing them to the official sounding ‘Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights’, nothing to do with the UNCHR or the UK’s statutory body the Equality and Human Rights Commission but in fact a lobbying group co-founded by Szasz and members of the Church of Scientology. The ‘Commission’s website is discreet about the Scientology connection, but their East Grinstead address in the UK is the first clue on the leaflet. As some readers of this blog may know, or as anyone who choses to look even slightly further will find out, as often turns out to be the case, protests at medical practice and authority are more deeply entangled with beliefs, contemporary cultural preoccupations (‘bad’ science, drug abuse, crime, conspiratorial history, etc.), and ideology than might be apparent at first sight. (Temperate) comments or thoughts on this rather controversial topic welcome.


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