Vacancy: Health Humanities Networking and Impact Fellow at University of Nottingham

Opening: Health Humanities Networking and Impact Fellow at the University of Nottingham

This position is in association with an initiative to bring together strands of research, within the University, on how arts and humanities informs and transforms healthcare, health and wellbeing. We are looking to appoint a Networking and Impact Fellow, for a period of 5 months, starting February 2013. Hours/Duration of Assignment: 30 hours per week, for a period of 5 months.

Duties and Responsibilities:
– Collating and presenting all current work in this field, at the university, on the Nottingham Health Humanities forthcoming web page;
– Exploring links with external organisations to determine potential routes to impact;
– Identifying areas of research suitable for external promotion and publicity;
– Identifying linked research interests, and areas of particular alignment with external funding opportunities;
– Mapping current research in the field, both nationally and internationally;
– Advancing the profile of NHH as a ground-breaking initiative in health humanities, already well-established in health language and literature.

Closing Date: Monday 4th February. Those interested can apply here.

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