CFP for ‘Nineteenth-Century Aetiologies’ at Liverpool University

Conference dates: 2-4 April 2013
Proposal deadline: 15 February 2013

The conference with the title ‘Nineteenth-Century Aetiologies, Exoticism, and Multimodal Aesthetics’ aims to examine intersections of different modes of reactions to ‘otherness’: ‘Of illness and exotic curatives, one hardly escapes solidago odora, ass’s milk, juice of millipedes, senna, horse dung, and snake oil. Medical narratives during the nineteenth century manifest somewhat irreconcilable cross-modalities of enthusiasm and fear with “otherness”‘.

Scholars of philosophy, anthropology, literature, art history, psychology, music, medical humanities, and linguistics are invited to participate. The conference will expand on representations of otherness considering the following and other relevant themes:

  • Multimodality in perspective: word-image aetiologies
  • Musical exoticism and nationalism, tonalité moderne
  • Mind/brain/body relations, embodied cognition
  • The exotic pharmacy after the Enlightenment
  • Masculine tropes of otherness
  • Feminine as exotic, female as aetiology
  • Artefacts as modes of aetiology
  • Aetiology, illness, and idealism
  • Ethics and aesthetic racialization
  • Narrative, egotism, individualism, and the multimodal “I”
  • Architecture and sculptures of difference
  • Colour, texture, and shape in meaning
  • Orientalism, historicism, and exotic icons
  • Haptic perception, emotional stimulation
  • Medical consumerism and exotic conceptions
  • Sensational consciousness, spatial indifference
  • Exoticism and nineteenth-century moralists
  • Courage-exoticism, Romantic rarity
  • Insanity, hard and soft determinism.

To submit individual proposals for 20-minute papers + CV/ mini biography, and for panel proposals of up to three papers, each 20 minutes, email: Deadline is 15 February 2013.

More information is available on


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