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Loud & Clear: You Should Listen To What I’ve Got To Say

Can arts and humanities academics play a useful role in policy-making? Do we have expertise that policy-makers value, or should value if they only knew what we do? Courtesy of the AHRC, Natalie Banner spent 3 days at the Institute … Continue reading

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Applications are now open for the summer school ‘The Boundaries of Illness’, July 22-August 9, 2013

Applications are now open for the summer school ‘The Boundaries of Illness‘, King’s College London, July 22-August 9, 2013. For those studying and pursuing careers in medicine, public health, health and social policy and planning, as well as humanities disciplines, … Continue reading

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A story of assimilation and ultimate reversal of meaning: Coleridge and Kantian Ideas in England, 1796-1817 – a new publication

In the Anglophone world, the ethics of Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) are often seen as a particularly callous form of stoicism, hostile to our sensuous needs. The recent publication ‘Coleridge and Kantian Ideas in England, 1796-1817‘ (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2012) uncovers … Continue reading

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