Call of the Lancet to broaden the remit of women’s health – Not only reproduction

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, the Lancet published an editorial today to remember the still persisting inequalities in health between genders.
337469-international-women-s-dayEven though great strides have certainly been made in the sphere of reproductive health, others spheres of women’s health have not progressed at the same pace. This though can be frequently overlooked in a way that, as poignantly pointed out in the editorial, is “symptomatic of the way in which society views women” by equating “woman with mother”. This move risks constraining women’s health to the fields of sexual and reproductive health.
In order to strive to improve women’s health at 360 degrees, we must provide strategies for women at all level of society, starting from dispelling the ‘woman = mother’ equation and implementing equality in the workplace.
You can read the rest of editorial here.


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