CFP: Special issue on ‘Shaping Identity’ of Journal of Philosophy, Science, and Law

Within the context of ongoing debates about medical and social models of disability, the Journal of Philosophy, Science, and Law invites authors to submit new manuscripts that address the ethical and legal implications of interventions aimed at modifying the bodies of individuals with physical or mental impairments or disabilities.

Topics suitable for this Call for Papers include but are not limited to ethical and legal issues emerging from:

The use of bionic eyes
The use of cochlear implants
Prosthetics for everyday use or competitive sports
“Normalizing” surgery for individuals with Down Syndrome
Limb lengthening surgeries (e.g., for individuals with achondroplasia)
The use of growth hormones
The use of “neuroenhancement” drugs (e.g., to improve focus, memory, or other cognitive functioning)
Laws that influence decision making on behalf of disabled children (e.g., the Swedish law requiring parents to consult with member of the Deaf community prior to agreeing to cochlear implant surgery for their child)
Growth attenuation procedures
Familial or community pressure to modify or refuse modifications of one’s body

Manuscripts submitted for inclusion in this special issue must be original work and should not be under consideration with any other journal. The word count for submitted manuscripts, including references and notes, should not exceed 5000 words. Manuscripts should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 200 words.

Authors should adhere to the Journal’s publication guidelines:

Authors should submit their manuscripts and abstracts via email attachments no later than October 1, 2013 to Dr. Yvette Pearson: ypearson[AT]odu[DOT]edu. Please write “JPSL Disability” in the email subject line.

Accepted manuscripts will be published online by March 1, 2014.



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