Philosophy of Medicine seminar Feb 11: Dr Kengo Miyazono on ‘Delusion and Harmful Dysfunction Analysis’

We are delighted to invite you to our next philosophy of medicine seminar that will be held tomorrow, 11th February, 13.30 – 15.00, Virginia Woolf Building, Room 7.17 (Building F on the map)

Our speaker will be Dr Kengo Miyazono, Department of Philosophy, University of Birmingham. Dr Miyazono will give a paper titled “Delusion and Harmful Dysfunction Analysis“.

Abstract: According to Wakefield’s Harmful Dysfunction Analysis (HDA), which is one of the most influential accounts of disorder, a disorder is a harmful dysfunction, where “dysfunction” is the failure of performing etiological function. The aim of this talk is to defend HDA as the account of the pathological nature of delusion. For this purpose, I will show that the major challenges (coming from adaptationism about delusion, spandrelism about belief, and “doxastic shear pin” account of delusion) do not cause serious problems for HDA for delusion. Also, I will discuss a seeming incompatibility between HDA and teleosemantics, which is the leading account of mental content in philosophy of mind.

You can read more about the speaker by looking at Dr Kengo Miyazono’s personal website here.

Upcoming seminars

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18th March 2014: Charlotte Blease (University College Dublin)

25th March 2014: Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham University)

29th April 2014: Barry Smith (University at Buffalo)

6th May 2014: Anna Bergqvist (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Any questions contact the convenor of the series, Dr Emma Bullock:


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