Poetry Reading: Self-portrait without Breasts (24/02/15)

The Arts and Humanities Research Institute (AHRI) at King’s College London will host a poetry reading by Clare Best , who will present poems from her autobiographical cycle Self-portrait without Breasts alongside photographs by Laura Stevens.

On her website, Clare writes:best

‘As a teenager in the 1970s, when cancer was still taboo, I nursed my mother through the trauma of two radical mastectomies. My aunt and my first cousin developed breast cancer in the decades that followed.

When I reached my late 40s, the age at which my mother first had the disease, doctors told me I too had a high risk of breast cancer. I chose preventative bilateral mastectomy, without reconstruction. I also chose not to disguise my new flat chest.

Throughout the months of decision-making, surgery and recovery, I wrote a journal. I made plaster casts of my body. Laura Stevens took ‘before and after’ photos. Gradually, what had begun as my way of coping, evolved into a major creative project.’

Nash Lecture Theatre King’s Building Strand Campus
24/02/2015 (18:30-19:30)
This event is open to all and free to attend, but booking is required via our Eventbrite page. Please direct enquiries to life-writing@kcl.ac.uk

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