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Loud & Clear: You Should Listen To What I’ve Got To Say

Can arts and humanities academics play a useful role in policy-making? Do we have expertise that policy-makers value, or should value if they only knew what we do? Courtesy of the AHRC, Natalie Banner spent 3 days at the Institute … Continue reading

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Blue or Blooming Monday?

Today, Monday 21st January, is ‘Blue Monday’: apparently, the most depressing day of the year. A combination of the cold weather, lack of daylight, time since Christmas, time until next pay day and bank holiday, debt levels, failure to keep … Continue reading

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New Wellcome Trust Blog: ThInk

The Wellcome Trust has just announced the launch of its new blog, ThInk, written by columnists from across the field of neuroscience (and beyond). ThInk aims to explore the wondrous workings of the brain and the science research, art, innovation … Continue reading

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